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Development Engineering

engineeringWe offer complete development-engineering services, quickly and efficiently providing necessary outcomes and deliverables for development success. Our engineering team works with you, consultants, and jurisdictions to ensure that delivered drawings are prepared to the highest standards and meet the project’s needs and your vision.

We provide licensed civil-engineering design and consulting services, from planning and design of preliminary concepts to final grading, TESC, storm drainage (detention and water quality), road design, sanitary-sewer design, water design, and franchise utility designs as required by the local jurisdiction and/or utility district. In addition to quality design work, our team provides the supporting reports, exhibits, and calculations necessary for cost-effective project design.

We specialize in utilizing Low-Impact Development (LID) initiatives to enhance the natural environment, decrease development costs while protecting water and air quality, and promote livability. By taking advantage of LID techniques, we are able to mitigate erosion, flooding, and water-quality issues before they become development problems.

Let the development engineering department at the Abbey Road Group provide more value for your development dollar while helping you to design your project!

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