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  • Feasibility Research

  • Vision Definition

  • Future Development Programming

  • Plan Preparation

  • Preliminary Phasing

  • Community Coordination

  • Jurisdictional Coordination

  • Jurisdictional Approvals
Master Planning

master planningWe believe that planning for the future is an important aspect of every business. As with any planning process, it is important to choose a team that understands the mission and vision of your organization and has the skills and experience needed to see the project through to approval.

The Abbey Road Group's goal is to provide a long-term plan that not only clarifies your organization's vision for the site, but also prepares the way for future development. Master planning allows you to take advantage of potential opportunities and reduce risk when it comes to your property.

Our planning team has experience working on master plans for organizations large and small. Our team strives to provide knowledgeable consulting services, expertly prepared documents, and a proactive approach to planning. The team is experienced in working with local jurisdictions in order to obtain master plan approvals that benefit your organization and the community.

The result is a written plan, agreed upon by your organization and the jurisdiction, in which the future of the site is mapped out, fundamental design aspects are agreed upon, and development rules are defined.

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