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Permitting Services:

Development Permitting Services

  • Land Use Permitting

  • Site Permitting

  • Building Permitting

  • Specialty Permitting

  • Utility Permitting

  • Tenant Improvement Permitting

Permit Expediting

  • Permit Preparation

  • Permit Submittal

  • Permit Management

  • Backup Document Preparation
Development Permitting

development permittingWe are prepared to handle permitting processes for projects of every scope and size. No matter what a project entails, our team delivers on the promise to minimize the complexity of permitting while saving both time and money. Our team is highly qualified and has the experience and jurisdictional relationships needed to efficiently expedite the permitting process with any local jurisdiction.

Working in conjunction with engineering, surveying, and planning staff, the team expertly prepares applications, submits them to the jurisdiction, and proactively follows permits through the process to approval. Acting as your representative, the team is prepared to respond to and resolve any jurisdictional requests for clarification. The team also works closely with the jurisdiction to keep permits active when projects are on hold or become delayed.

The advantages of choosing the Abbey Road Group to process permitting are abundant. We will save you precious time and reduce stress, saving you money in turn. In addition, our experience and knowledge of local jurisdictions allows for a more efficient permitting process. This efficiency reduces preparation time and nearly eliminates the need for costly revisions to make an application ready for jurisdictional review.

Trust your development permitting to the experts at the Abbey Road Group!


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