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Project Management

Project ManagementWe provide active management of every aspect of a project from start to finish, providing both continuity and direction. We guide the project by working together with the project team to meet strict schedules and budgets that are set in order to keep the project efficient and profitable. In order to promote efficient project management, we utilize a web based management system, allowing every member of the project team to interact and maintain access to the essential details for the project.

Utilizing an electronic scheduling system within our land development project management software, we are able to track the project's schedule and make it available to all members of the project team. In conjunction with the schedule, the project manager develops solid cost estimates for all stages of the project. The team prepares and manages project cost estimates which provide you with detailed figures of the finances needed to facilitate any project.

Managing information is a priority for the project managers at the Abbey Road Group. Our management system is set up to accurately track the status of permitting and plans while maintaining control over the continuity and consistency of documents. We utilize our project management system to distribute information to team members, so that everyone is kept up to date with the latest project information. Additionally, the latest versions of pertinent project documents are stored in the system to be accessed by the project team.

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